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North American Celtic Trade Association

North American Celtic Traders Association. NACTA.

Celtic Clothing is a member of The North American Celtic Trade Association (NACTA).   NACTA is a vibrant community in a niche market with a shared common goal advocating for the success of all it’s members.  They welcome all those involved in the sale and promotion of Irish and more broadly Celtic products.  Membership currently represents retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and designers from the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

NACTA provides a networking forum, where members can connect and join together in the pursuit of ideas, innovations and best practices to advance their own business progress and the availability of quality goods in the Celtic Marketplace.

Their mission is to provide the optimum platform in the Celtic Marketplace for the sale and promotion of Celtic products.

Anderson Pearce, Market Advisor for Consumer Retail for Enterprise Ireland, said of NACTA: “NACTA is a fantastic organization to work with, it connects Celtic stores from across North America with each other and other vendor members. A NACTA membership offers so many ways to grow your business and keep you connected with the latest trends and developments in the Celtic marketplace across the USA and Canada. NACTA is integral in bringing Celtic products to customers all over North America!”

NACTA is dedicated to promoting Irish products and brands, allowing for greater visibility to a wider global audience with opportunities to capitalize on the ultimate sale and branding of creative works.  They support awareness in and contribution to US markets, both within and beyond the Irish community.  NACTA strives to highlight the latest innovation in products and build awareness in both the trade and consumer markets.

NACTA provides support to all purveyors of Celtic goods, boost visibility and help you reach more customers.  They strive to help retailers of Irish products achieve meaningful business growth by providing industry-specific education, amazing networking opportunities, targeted advertising channels and powerful business tools.

NACTA participates in several trade events throughout the year, working hard to connect the brands and retail professionals. They provide members with access to informative tutorials, articles and newsletters to help retailers stay connected with fellow US and Canadian retailers.  These connections help members stay in touch with market trends, events, manufacturers, designers and fellow Celtic business owners.



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