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Brady’s Barrel Aged Irish Whiskey Coffee

$ 21.89

Best Irish Coffee on the market by an Irish country mile.  One of the most unique products we have ever found in Ireland.  The aroma is enough to make you a fan for life.  Enjoy a smooth cup of coffee with a distinctive whiskey finish with Brady’s Barrel Aged Irish Whiskey Coffee.   This product is barrel aged coffee grounds matured in the highest quality oak barrels that were once used to produce some of Ireland’s finest whiskeys.  Using premium grade green beans, they are aged in barrels and rolled everyday for a few weeks to infuse the whiskey flavor into the beans.  They are then roasted in small batches to ensure a perfect medium roast.  This coffee is perfect for after dinner or as the base for the ideal Irish Coffee or a Cold Brew.  Brady’s ground coffee is best served in a cafetiere, pour over, or drip filter.

Please note there is no alcohol in this product.

  • Roasted in Ireland
  • 8 ounces
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