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Irish Roots – Family History & Family Business.

Charlie Lord & his company Celtic Clothing bring the best of Ireland to lucky customers in North America.

Charlie Lord. Belfast and Philadelphia.Chadds Ford resident and Irish native Charlie Lord – owner of the online business Celtic Clothing – will often forgo Route 1 and instead drive the back roads from his home in Chadds Ford to the company warehouse in West Grove, PA.  For Charlie, the rolling hills and rural splendor of the Brandywine Valley transport him back to his native Ireland.  “When I drive along these country roads and see the horses and the sheep, it looks like Ireland to me.  It looks and feels right.  This feels like home.”

For more than 25 years, Charlie and Celtic Clothing have brought a piece of Ireland to many Irish Americans with authentic and handcrafted traditional Irish apparel, accessories, and gifts.  Years ago, Charlie was inspired to start the company while pursuing his business degree in England.  “I did my entrepreneurship thesis on selling Irish products to the American market, and I thought, “This might actually work”.  After his immigration to the United States in 1987, and subsequent marriage to Philadelphia native Janice Pietrowicz, Charlie’s vision became a reality.  In 1995, he started Celtic Clothing, harnessing the emergence of e-commerce, and hasn’t looked back since.

Although Charlie’s background is primarily in business and not fashion – he holds a masters degree in business education from Temple University – selling clothing is a big part of his family’s heritage.  “I leave style to the designers, that’s what they are passionate about; I do the business part.  My grandmother and mother used to make women’s clothes back in Ireland.  My grandfather died relatively young, so my grandmother had to work to feed all eight kids, my mother was the eldest girl so she helped too, ” he recalls.  “As a little boy, I remember going to the markets with my mother and grandmother and I would sit behind the market stall.  So there’s the family historical connection that I take pride and honor in.”About

It’s this same connection to the motherland that many Irish Americans discover at Celtic Clothing, “Our customers want something that’s authentically Irish,” says Charlie.  The company website offers everything from wool sweaters, tweed vests and hats to wool blankets, authentic Guinness merchandise, and traditional Irish jewelry, like Claddagh rings.   “These things are all identifiable with Ireland,” explains Charlie, “You are literally wearing your Irishness on your sleeve when you wear one of our products.  They are an expression of Irish identity.”

A best-selling product for men is the quintessential tweed flat cap.  “It’s a very popular look,” says Charlie.  “It’s a hat that looks good on everyone.  Ireland is very well known for them, andIrish Tweed Flat Caps it’s a must-have for every Irish American wardrobe.”  For women, Charlie recommends Irish knitwear, like traditional Aran wool sweaters, capes, cardigans, and wraps.  With their timeless design and quality construction, they will be wardrobe staples for years.

Charlie sources merchandise from all 32 counties of Ireland – like County Tyrone, Donegal, Mayo, Kerry and Dublin – and is on a first name basis with the Irish manufacturers.  “I go back home to Ireland at least twice a year,  and I will go to the places where the items are made.  I have great working relationships with companies like Hanna Hats in Donegal, who are one of the last companies making hats in Ireland using Irish tweed.  I have the ability to source authentic products, and that’s a real key factor for my Irish American client base.”

After 20 years serving as Dept Chair of the Business Faculty,  Charlie took early retirement from teaching in June 2021 in order to dedicate all his time to the company.  Despite the challenges of Covid-19, Charlie says that business is booming.  “With everyone ordering online during the pandemic,  business actually improved, although it’s regrettable given the circumstances.  Obviously, we would much prefer that everyone was healthy and safe.”  Celtic Clothing ships products daily all across North American from its warehouse in West Grove, PA – just south west of Philadelphia.

Grace Lord and Connor LordDuring the summer months – when the Lord family travels to Ireland to visit family (and source new products) – Charlie and Janice’s children, Grace and Connor, both tag along.  They enjoy learning about the family business but also discovering more about their Irish heritage, keeping the Celtic tradition close to their hearts.

When asked what impact being an Irish immigrant has on his business, Charlie is quick to respond. “It’s no coincidence that I’m working in Irish fashion, because it gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with Ireland.  It’s something that I know, understand and enjoy.  I’m constantly on the phone with people in Ireland, working with Irish designers,  manufacturers and distributors.   As an immigrant, the desire, motivation and enthusiasm to keep that connection with Ireland makes this not feel like work at all.”

This article was written by Katie Gildea for the Chadds Ford based Junxion Magazine.

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Get dressed for St. Patrick’s Day with

For Irish-owned companies like, the month of March always has a happy buzz to it. is offering free shipping on orders over $75 for US customers. is offering free shipping on orders over $75 for US customers. CELTIC CLOTHING

For 25 years, we at have been providing the finest Irish products for St. Patrick’s Day parades, parties, and family gatherings.  And every year, we enjoy the many Irish cultural events surrounding St. Patrick’s Day.  

This year, to make your St. Patrick’s Day that much more special, is offering U.S customers free shipping on all orders over $75.

Additionally, everything ships fast from our U.S. location, so no need to deal with extended delivery dates or shipping returns back to Ireland. We do all that work for you. And to help you dress to impress, we only source products from the best companies in Ireland. We just love this time of year.

Irish people and those with Irish roots are rightfully proud of their heritage. That Irish heritage is literally sewn into the very fabric of our garments. Ireland is known around the world for producing exceptional wool sweaters, and has a great selection of Aran Knit Wool Sweaters to choose from.

All our Irish clothing is either made with Irish materials, designed in Ireland, imported from Ireland, or embossed with Irish logos and motifs. is the crossroads where traditional Irish design meets modern Irish style. As  Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man.”

Our exclusive range of Irish Rugby Shirts always prove popular this time of year, but they can be proudly worn year-round and by people of all ages. We love to wear our green on St. Patrick’s Day, as it not only represents the 40 Shades of Green associated with the Irish landscape, but it’s also connected to our intriguing Irish history. Browse our full collection of Irish Rugby Jerseys to see how you can add a famous splash of green to your Irish wardrobe.

Our customers are our number one priority. Each year we travel back to Ireland to source new products to keep ahead of trends. We are always on the lookout for that next must-have item and these Celtic scarves/wraps Celtic scarves/wraps are clearly the must-have “one size fits all” item for you or someone special to you. Our Celtic design scarves come in a variety of colors.

Irish Tweed Caps are also a customer favorite. The distinct colors and patterns represent the earth tones of Ireland.  It is the beauty and quality of the fabric that makes the Irish Tweed Caps an international success. The colors match the patterns seen from the cottage window: of turf and hill and fuchsia, of sea and cloud and sky. offers the convenience of online shopping 24/7, 365 days a year. With a simple click, authentic, quality Irish products and Celtic-influenced designs can be delivered right to your doorstep. We ship fast from our U.S. location so no need to deal with lengthy shipping or returns to Ireland.

We are proud of our company and honored to be one of your favorite family-owned and operated US-based companies for the past 25 years. If you need assistance, our customer service staff are on hand to take your calls and assist you in any way that we can.

Remember – “Clothes are just like friends, you want quality, not quantity.” Visit Celtic Clothing Company today for quality Irish clothing. A family-owned and operated, small business located in Chester County, Pennsylvania that has been delivering a piece of Ireland to you for close to three decades.

* is located at 8 Prospect Ave, West Grove, PA 19390. Tel:  610-662-9154. Visit or follow them on FacebookInstagramPinterest, or Twitter.

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Celtic Clothing Co: Company Profile

Shipped from within the US, Celtic Clothing has traditional and contemporary Irish gifts and fashions for all.

St.Patrick's Day Sweaters

A family-owned and operated Pennsylvania business, Celtic Clothing has a huge range of products to inspire.

Celtic Clothing has a huge range of men’s and women’s clothing, Guinness products, jewelry, gifts for kids, and homeware. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs. is an Irish owned online company located 30 miles south of Philadelphia.  Since 1995, they have traveled all 32 counties of Ireland sourcing unique Irish gifts that can be delivered to your door.

All Irish gifts from are already imported and kept in stock in the U.S,  so there’s no dealing with a lengthy post-purchase “returns” process to Ireland.  All the hard work is done for you.

Celtic Clothing. also offers free shipping on all orders over $75 and easy returns to its U.S. location.  Shop their wide range of the very best in both traditional and contemporary Irish gifts and fashions.

The Celtic Clothing Company is a family-owned and operated business located in Chester County, Pennsylvania just 35 minutes outside Philadelphia.

It is the brainchild of Charles Lord, a native of Belfast. Charlie came to the US in his early 20s after earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Consequently, he wanted to set up his own company and indeed he did just that.

Celtic Clothing.


Celtic Clothing Company is now in its 25th year of business and continues to expand and thrive with its own e-commerce presence at, an impressive following on social media, and a loyal customer base.

One of their most popular products are their grandfather shirts and tweed vests, both imported from Ireland and available in sizes small to XXXL. They are designed to be paired with each other. Feeling confident about the quality of the product and motivated by the positive response from customers, owner Charles Lord quickly expanded the line and created a selection of six different colored grandfather shirts to accompany three beautiful tweed vests. now offers multiple color combinations of traditional grandfather shirts and tweed vests.  All the pieces complement each other very well and customers can easily mix and match.

8 Prospect Ave, West Grove, PA 19390. Tel:  610-662-9154. Visit or follow them on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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Celtic Clothing Co:  Your Online Irish Store

The Celtic Clothing Company, the premier Irish American clothing company in North America, is celebrating its 25th year in business.

An Exclusive Irish Tweed Vest that is currently available for purchase from The Celtic Clothing Company.

The Celtic Clothing Company is a family-owned and operated business located in Chester County, Pennsylvania just 35 minutes outside Philadelphia.

It is the brainchild of Charles Lord, a native of Belfast. Charlie came to the US in his early twenties after earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Consequently, he wanted to set up his own company and indeed he did just that.

Celtic Clothing Company is now in its 25th year of business and continues to expand and thrive with his own e-commerce presence at, an impressive following on social media, and a loyal customer base.

When we recently spoke with Charlie Lord, he was eager to discuss his new product range. One of the items he was interested in discussing was his new line of exclusive Irish Tweed vests and traditional Grandfather shirts. Initially launched at the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas, customers responded very well to the new designs and color variety. The launch was a huge success, and sales team leader Martin McElroy, from County Antrim, saw firsthand how quickly the crowd embraced the vests and Grandfather shirts.

The Grandfather shirts and tweed vests, both imported from Ireland and available in sizes small to XXXL, are designed to be paired with each other. Feeling confident about the quality of the product and motivated by the positive response from customers, Charlie quickly expanded the line and created a selection of six different colored grandfather shirts to accompany three beautiful tweed vests. now offers multiple color combinations of Traditional Grandfather shirts and Tweed Vests.  All the pieces complement each other very well and customers can easily mix and match.

With the expanded range of designs, came further success online. Customers purchased the various combinations and provided product reviews detailing their excitement and satisfaction. Product reviews ranged from “Perfect color, quality materials…you will not be disappointed” to “Great workmanship, great feel, highly recommended.”

Celtic Clothing's Grandfather shirt.


Another review included the following accolades, “Both this vest and the blue shirt are a delight, well-made, top-quality linen. They are even better after the first wash.”

Another reviewer felt compelled to write, “Yesterday evening, I decided to wear my new grandfather shirt to the dinner theater. Right away, I was aware of how comfortable the tailoring is. The shirt hit all the right notes, looking dressy yet casual. Maybe it was because my ancestors came from Ireland, but, for whatever reason, I felt that the shirt was made for me.”

Traditional Irish Tweed Vest available from The Celtic Clothing Company.


An essential component to a successful business is excellent customer service, and this was summarized nicely by another customer who wrote:  “A very beautiful shirt, very soft and very comfortable. It is priced right, quick delivery. I am very happy with this purchase. Celtic Clothing is a great company to do business with.”

It was no surprise to learn Charlie believes a quality product, timely delivery, and good customer service are all essential components to creating a loyal customer base. Charlie concluded by saying he’s very flattered by both the product reviews and customer feedback; and thanked everyone for their very kind words.

Irish Tweed Flat Caps

In addition to running, Charlie earned a Master’s Degree from Temple University.  He currently serves as a Department Chair of the Business Faculty at a suburban high school where he has been teaching business for the past 20 years. Running an e-commerce business and possessing an extensive digital skill-set has allowed him to share his knowledge with future generations of business leaders.

Despite the pride in his accomplishments since coming to the States in his early twenties, Charlie boasts that one of his greatest accomplishments is his 20-year marriage to Janice. She too has helped with the business, works in education, and is preparing for her doctoral defense. Together they have two teenagers who are active in sports and spend summers in Ireland keeping their connection to the island. Janice, a native Philadelphian, is proud of her blue-collar, Polish heritage. She has an extensive background in education spanning over 33 years. Together Charlie and Janice have given a combined 50+ years of service to public education in the United States, and have used their business experience to provide practical advice and guidance to their students over the decades.

Janice describes Charlie as a hard-working, well-respected business owner within the Irish community in Philadelphia. He is always quick to lend support and guidance to other immigrants as well as Irish organizations. He has worked very hard and made many sacrifices to make the Celtic Clothing Company a success and to have it thrive over the past 25 years. Charlie knows hard work pays off and will often say, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” That is Charlie. His wife points out that the quote from Samuel Goldwyn, a Polish immigrant, fits him well.

Together Charlie and Janice continue to work hard and have fully earned the luck of the Irish.

For more information, visit The Celtic Clothing Company’s websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram. You can also email or call 610-662-9154.

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Valentine’s Day Irish gifts from

The Celtic Clothing Company, the premier Irish American clothing company in North America, is celebrating its 25th year in business.

Celtic design scarves.

Celtic Clothing is the brainchild of Charlie Lord, a native of Belfast in the North of Ireland. It is a family-owned and operated business located just 30 miles outside Philadelphia.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect time to visit for some Valentine’s Day gift shopping. They ship fast from their U.S. location. Their Valentine’s Day gift series features several “one size fits all” gift ideas and Irish fashion accessories.

Celtic Clothing’s team has put together five simple gift ideas which they like to call their “Valentine’s Day KISS”, they are “Keeping it Short and Simple”.

Celtic knot design scarves

Their range of Celtic design scarves are inspired by the Celtic artwork which lavishly decorated ancient Irish artifacts throughout the island. A combination of the mystical Celtic past and modern fashion.  These Celtic scarves are soft and stylish and can be worn and matched with ease to different colored outfits for any occasion. Great worn loose, or fastened with a Celtic brooch.  Can also be worn as a light wrap.  The scarf measures 75″ length and 27″ wide with 3″ fringe.  The scarves are made up of 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

Fragrances of Ireland

No need to worry about sizing with their perfumes either. Their range of Irish fragrances and scents are inspired by the beauty and energy of the wild western coast of Ireland.

Their collection includes the world-famous “Inis” fragrance (means ‘island’ in Irish).  Fresh, clean, and energizing. Top notes of lemon and marine represent the clean oceans surrounding Ireland.  Heart notes of lily of the valley are like a soft Irish summer breeze; while base notes of sandalwood and clove give a fresh warmth of the Irish countryside.

Something for him this Valentine’s Day

Irish flat caps and tweed caps have an authenticity that speaks volumes about the person wearing one. Imported directly from Ireland an Irish hat is a required item for every Irish American wardrobe. A fashion item yes, but worn a certain way hats can also be whimsical and fun. They carry the tweed flat cap, and wool knit caps all in a selection of colors.  Get ahead, get a hat.  Fast shipping from their Philadelphia location, with free shipping on all U.S. orders over $75.

Fashion favorites for her combines their passion for Ireland with their love of Irish fashion.  Each piece of clothing draws inspiration from Ireland’s rich heritage in knitwear using traditional styles which all have rich stories to tell from centuries past.  Check out their Irish wool sweaters for women where they have collected the very best in both traditional and contemporary Irish knitwear for women.  Here are a few great easy sizing “One Size Fits All” options.

Gourmet Irish chocolates from Lily O’Briens

At they carry a range of gourmet Irish food.  They import famous Lily O’Brien’s chocolates and ship quickly from their U.S location.  These gourmet Irish chocolates, which started life as the brainchild of Mary Ann O’Brien in Co. Kildare, are now a well-established feature in Irish households at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mothers Day. Each and every chocolate has been created from the passion and pleasure they share for Ireland and quality products. is the brainchild of Charles Lord, a native of Belfast. Celtic Clothing continues to expand and thrive with his own e-commerce presence at, an impressive following on social media, and a loyal customer base in the U.S.

8 Prospect Ave, West Grove, PA 19390. Tel:  610-662-9154. Visit or follow them on FacebookInstagramPinterest, or Twitter.

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The Great Hunger — The Choctaw Send Aid

In 1847 the Native Americans of the Choctaw nation took up a collection.

Moved by news of starvation in Ireland, a group of Choctaws gathered in Scullyville, Oklahoma to raise a relief fund. Despite their meager resources, they collected $170 and forwarded it to a U.S. famine relief organization. It was both the most unlikely and the most generous contribution to the effort to relieve Ireland’s suffering.

Begun two years before in the fall of 1845, the potato blight and subsequent famine had reached its height in 1847. It was, of course, much more than a mere natural disaster. Choctaw and the Irish Famine

British colonial policies before and during the crisis exacerbated the effects of the potato blight, leading to mass death by starvation and disease. For example, in March of 1847, at the time of the Choctaw donation, 734,000 starving Irish people were forced to labor in public works projects in order to receive food. Little wonder that survivors referred to the year as “Black ’47.”

First through letters and newspaper accounts, and later from the refugees themselves, the Irish in America learned of the unfolding horror. Countless individuals sent money and ship tickets to assist friends and family. Others formed relief committees to solicit donations from the general public. Contributions came from every manner of organization, from charitable societies and businesses to churches and synagogues. By the time the famine had ended in the early 1850s, millions in cash and goods had been sent to Ireland.

What made the Choctaw donation so extraordinary was the tribe’s recent history. Only 16 years before, President Andrew Jackson (whose parents emigrated from Antrim) seized the fertile lands of the so-called five civilized tribes (Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, and Choctaw) and forced them to undertake a harrowing 500-mile trek to Oklahoma known as the Trail of Tears. Of the 21,000 Choctaws who started the journey, more than half perished from exposure, malnutrition, and disease. This despite the fact that during the War of 1812 the Choctaws had been allies of then General Jackson in his campaign against the British in New Orleans.

Perhaps their sympathy stemmed from their recognition of the similarities between the experiences of the Irish and Choctaw. Certainly contemporary Choctaw see it that way. They note that both groups were victims of conquest that led to loss of property, forced migration and exile, mass starvation, and cultural suppression (most notably language).

Kindred Spirits. The Choctaw and the Irish.
Kindred Spirits Monument in Ireland.

Increased attention to the Great Famine in recent years has led to renewed recognition of the Choctaw donation. In 1990 a delegation of Choctaw officials was invited to participate in an annual walk in County Mayo commemorating a tragic starvation march that occurred during the Famine. In honor of the special guests, the organizers (Action From Ireland, or AFRI) named the march The Trail of Tears. Two years later, two dozen people from Ireland came to the U.S. and retraced the 500-mile Trail of Tears from Oklahoma to Mississippi. That same year the Choctaw tribe made Ireland’s President Mary Robinson an honorary chief.


Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of these events is that while they commemorate dark chapters of the past, they are focused on the present and future. In other words, they seek to dramatize the need to stop starvation and suffering worldwide. As the plaque on Dublin’s Mansion House which honors the Choctaw contribution reads: “Their humanity calls us to remember the millions of human beings throughout our world today who die of hunger and hunger-related illness in a world of plenty.

— This article was contributed by Dr. Edward T O’Donnell.

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Mucros Weavers, Killarney, Ireland.

Mucros Weavers is one of our favorite Irish suppliers.  They produce quality woven accessories, under the expert eye of master weaver John Cahill.  Many of our colorful scarves, capes, tweed caps, and bags are made by Mucros from materials such as wool, mohair, viscose and alpaca.  These beautiful scarves are hand woven from the finest materials at the Mucros Weaving Workshop situated in the grounds of Muckross House near the picturesque town of Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Mucros WeaversWe greatly appreciate the work being done at  Mucros and we have visited with them on numerous occasions in far flung locations such as Killarney, Dublin and New York.  We really value the relationships we have established over the years at Mucros, with John Cahill & Paul Morgan working tirelessly to make sure is always well supplied with the latest products.   We do owe them a debt of gratitude for they always make sure we never run out, the next round is on me lads.   In a recent conversation with Paul, I asked him a few questions, this is how it went:  How did Mucros Weavers came into being?

Mucros Weavers (Paul Morgan):   “The Weavers workshop was established at Muckross House in Killarney, Co. Kerry in Flapper-Hat-Sunset-Harvestthe mid 1970’s. It was part of a folk-life museum located in Muckross House, a Victorian mansion bequeathed to the Irish nation and managed by a board of trustees on a non for profit basis. The objectives of the trust were to preserve Irish crafts that werebecoming extinct in a more modern Ireland. Mucros Weavers is one significant element of the trust which has grown in the intervening years. The trust now manages the Muckross House, Muckross Traditional Farms, Muckross Research Library and a large restaurant and retail outlet at Muckoss. It is a significant employer in the Killarney area and retains it’s not for profit status and it’s annual profits are reinvested at Muckross. It’s longest serving employee is John Cahill who started with the fledgeling Weavers and now manages Mucros Weavers. The word “Mucros” is the Irish /Gaelic for Muckross, and translates “the headland of the Pigs.” 

That Paul Morgan is a wealth of knowledge, I tell ya, he’s a lot smarter than he looks.  I took the opportunity to follow up with a couple more questions while I had Paul’s attention:  What sets Mucros Weavers apart from other manufacturers?

mucros weavers

Murcros Weavers (Paul Morgan)As the old adage goes “Do what you love and you ‘ll work a day in your life”, this may not always be fully true, but we are very fortunate to work in a business that still values it’s customers above it’s products. We work closely with our customers and value and take on board their input, the consequence of this is good product that the end customer likes and supports. The rest is common sense, good stock availability and supply when it is needed.”  What do you think of the Showcase event at the RDS in Dublin?

Mucros Weavers (Paul Morgan). “Showcase has always been a highlight of our year and kicks off in mid January, ensuring that Mucros Weaversall the excesses of the previous festive season are well banished. It gives a focus on the year ahead. Showcase was initially a craft fair for indigenous Irish crafts to wholesale their products. It is now over 40 years old and has evolved to one of the largest annual trade events in Ireland. The real charm of Showcase is it’s setting, in the Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds, famed for the Dublin Horse Show each August. It is a really convivial and relaxing show for both exhibitors and visitors and unlike many other trade shows has a vibrant apres-show aspect which we all love.  Mucros Weavers have exhibited here for over 30 years and the highlights remain constant, principally the opportunity to meet and mingle with old and loyal customers, meet new ones and introduce new product lines and gain valuable feedback from the many buyers who call to our stand. We also exhibit each April at an Irish and Celtic trade show in Secaucus NJ, which unfortunately was cancelled because of the Covid pandemic. We occasionally exhibit at European shows but the previous 2 remain the firm favourites.” 

We have experienced the “vibrant apres-show” atmosphere and can confirm it sure is a lot of fun.  A lot of business gets done at Showcase and a lot of friendships are formed.  The craic is mighty.  What do your designers draw upon for inspiration in their design process? 

Mucros Weavers (Paul Morgan) Our location in Killarney National Park underscores this inspiration. For those of you who have visited it, you know what this means, if you haven’t now you know where your next vacation should be! Nature and our environment can’t take all the credit though, we need to make sure our products have a contemporary element that is well made to last and offer the person buying it good value.  Finally, what would you recommend so our customers select the correct Mucros Hat size?

Mucros Weavers (Paul Morgan)We try to make size selection as easy as possible, and our sizing is true to correct size. In general in the American market, most men wear a large or extra large. The sizing chart on the Celtic Clothing website will help you ensure you get the correct size first time if you are unsure. It’s easy with the Ladies headwear, they are all one size, the Newsboy cap has an elastic adjustment and the flapper has a built in adjuster.

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Fragrances of Ireland – Perfumes & Scents Imported from Ireland.

One of our most trusted suppliers, Fragrances of Ireland,  is responsible for the creation and distribution of the famous brand “Inis Energy of the Sea”. 

For over thirty years, they have been creating perfumes and toiletries in Ireland, inspired by the magic, beauty and nature of Ireland.  Independent and passionate, they operate from a converted farmhouse in County Wicklow.

Inis Fragrance of IrelandTheir signature scent – Inis the Energy of the Sea – was inspired by Roundstone Beach on the western coast of Ireland.  Inis is the Irish word for ‘island’.   A truly unique, discovery fragrance – people say the scent of Inis makes them feel close to the sea, no matter where they are.

However they do not put all their eggs in one basket.   They supply several other hugely popular Irish fragrances.  From “Patrick for Men” to the legendary “Connemara” and “Innisfree” there is something for everyone.    And this year they released “Irish Rose”.  All of these wonderful fragrances are available on our website.

Irish Rose:Irish Rose Eau de Parfum

We are delighted to introduce Irish Rose, a re-branded collection of the beloved Inis Arose.  With the same fresh fragrance that captures the carefree floral abundance of summertime in Ireland, Irish Rose layers five varieties of roses with lily of the valley, patchouli, palest pink geraniums and apple blossom to create a light, joyful blossom fresh scent.

Innisfree:Innisfree Perfume Spray for Women

Inspired by WB Yeats’ poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree, which speaks of the beauty of nature and the romance of Ireland. Innisfree is an eau de parfum of rich florals including lily of the valley, lavender, jasmine, rose and iris.

Connemara:Connemara Perfume Spray for Women

This perfume is based almost exclusively on florals; rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and lily of the valley. Connemara is inspired by the beauty and majesty of the Connemara countryside on Ireland’s west coast.

Patrick:Patrick Cologne for Men

A classic men’s cologne – fresh, green and warmed with woody base notes of oakmoss and patchouli. Named in honour of Ireland’s patron saint, Patrick is inspired by his travels throughout Ireland.

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A Perfect 10 for Thompson’s Teas!

Thompson’s Teas has experienced record-breaking success at this years’ Great Taste Awards.

Thompson's TeaThompson’s Family Teas has experienced record-breaking success at this years’ Great Taste Awards. Their Punjana brand, Northern Ireland’s favorite tea, has stretched its award-winning run to an unprecedented 10 years, a feat achieved by no other blended tea in this all-important category. Irish Tea Breakfast Blend

The news comes as the Guild of Fine Food, acknowledged as the benchmark for fine food and drink in the UK, has released its Great Taste Award Winners 2017.

Thompson’s Family Teas, which are today still blended by cousins Ross and David Thompson at their state of the art tea blending facility in Belfast, have picked up over 100 Great Taste Awards in the last 12 years.  Each blend is Taste-Tested by a Thompson to ensure that it meets the exacting standards set by the Thompson family which have been passionately adhered to for over 120 years.

Ross Thompson, said: ‘To win a Great Taste Award is very exciting, but for Punjana to be recognised by the Guild of Fine Foods every year for the past decade is something really special, and is an acknowledgement of our dedication to importing and blending the worlds’ finest teas. Only the best leaves, which are highly prized and command a greater price, find their way into our awarding-winning blends’.

‘It takes a certain amount of courage to choose what is best over what is most profitable’, Ross continues, ‘and we stay focused on sourcing leaves with superior taste and flavor, and simply can’t be persuaded to do it any other way’.

Titanic-TeaThe Thompson family’s love of tea was born in Belfast in 1896 when founder Robert S Thompson trained in the art of tea tasting and soon became known for his uncompromising devotion to quality.

In the first few years of the business, tea brands didn’t exist and indeed only began to emerge during the post-war years. In 1900, there were perhaps 25 tea companies in Belfast, selling their wares in beautiful tea chests around the numerous independent grocery shops up and down the country.

Today, Thompson’s Family Teas is the only mainstream tea company that remains.

However, it was in 1955 that the Thompson’s hero brand, Punjana, was born. Launched on television on UTV’s first night of transmission with the now iconic “Pick Punjana Tea” jingle.

The ‘Punjana’ name was inspired by 2nd generation James Thompson who, whilst on a shopping trip to Comber, spied an inscription on the Gillespie monument which read, ‘Punjab’. Conscious of India’s reputation for producing some of the world’s finest tea and thinking that this could be the basis for a great brand name, he consulted with his wife, Lillias, and together they arrived at the name “Punjana”. Agreement was then sought from his brother, Tony, and the rest as they say, is history!

Today, the business continues under the leadership of 3rd generation Thompsons, who share in its founder’s passion for selecting only the best quality and select teas from the very finest gardens in Assam, Kenya and beyond.

Recently, Punjana was also officially crowned Northern Ireland’s favourite product in The People’s Choice Award 2017 as voted for by the public at this year’s prestigious Northern Ireland Food & Drink Awards.

Thompson’s range of exotic loose leaf teas have been chosen to be served in some of Northern Ireland’s most iconic locations including the Titanic Ballroom, National Trust properties and Hastings luxury hotels.

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Irish Rose Perfume – Made In Ireland

Irish Rose Eau de ParfumIrish Rose Eau de Parfum  is a soft and lovely floral fragrance that takes the freshness of a sea breeze and delicately adds the fragrance of rose and spring blossoms.  The scent blends five varieties of roses: Lily of the Valley, patchouli, palest pink geranium, and apple blossom to create a floral fragrance that has the energy of the sea and the freshness and vitality of a garden in full bloom.  Another wonderful addition to our Fragrances of Ireland collection.

Over the past few years we have added several new Irish perfumes that women would appreciate, and I think we really hit a home run with this one.   I recently stopped a woman in the store as we passed each other several times and asked her what she was wearing.  Well, this is one of those scents.  It is a scent that leaves a positive impression.

Perfume Product Care:
Did you know that perfume should always be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat.  A dresser drawer is a good choice. Do not keep fragrances in the bathroom, where fluctuating temperatures and high humidity can lead to their deterioration. Keep perfume bottles tightly closed, to prevent evaporation, which can change the balance of a scent’s composition. This is one item you will use daily and always feel confident and fresh wearing it.


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